Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hillary & the Magic Job Creation Machine

CLEVELAND, OH---In a debate held in Ohio yesterday, Tim Russert asked Hillary Clinton why jobs in New York had decreased while she was Senator despite her promise seven years ago during her Senate campaign that she would add 200,000 new jobs.

She said that there were two giant, honking state government machines in Albany: "Uncle Charlie", which creates upstate New York manufacturing jobs and "Uncle Farley", a job-shredder. She'd inadvertently confused the two, saying that they looked alike, and unfortunately Uncle Farley did his worst.

She now promises that if elected she will create five million new jobs and provided a photo of the Federal government's massive Job Creation Machine, seen above, which is also dubbed "Uncle Charlie". She said that on her first day in office she'll dust the rust off Charlie and put him to work for the American people.


William Luse said...

Yeah, yeah, but how did you do the captions in the photo?

ts said...

It's pretty easy with Paint. Let me know if you want mo' information. Basically I use a combination of the brush and the text box.