Friday, April 18, 2008

Warning: Everything Must Have Warning Label!

So, it wasn't the need for the new liver, the transplant operation, the transplant itself, immuno-suppresant medication, or even the virus that killed this guy, it was the negligence of PetSmart who sold the hamster that infected the lady that donated her organs that contained the virus that killed these people.

Sue the company with big pockets, even if they're not responsible. Shameless! You'd think death by meningitis would raise some read flags if you're gonna harvest organs.

If her lawsuit is successful, here's a glimpse of the result ...



William Luse said...

I'm hoping dogs will be exempted. Cedar sticks his tongue in my mouth at every opportunity and so far I'm ok.

TS said...

I thought Cedar lived with Bern? Or is Bern back home? (probably none of my business)