Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Story of the Three Pander Bears

Once upon a time there were three pander bears running for president.

The daddy pander bear (McCain) went to the voter's and said "Let's suspend the gas tax!" even though that will only drive up fuel consumption and hasten the Reckoning, when the big bad Saudi wolf comes to the door and says, "no more oil for you!"

The mommy pander bear (Hillary) went to the voter's and said "Let's suspend the gas tax AND let's tax the evil oil companies!" because she wants the government to control everything especially if she's in control of the goverment.

The little pander bear (Obama) went to the voter's and said "I blame Washington!" because that's what kids do, they blame their parents.


c.ecker said...

I like Hill's plan because she was going to suspend the gas tax and make up the difference in a Windfall tax on Oil Companies. As we all know, highly successful publicly held companies are evil, have deep pockets and taking their money in taxes hurts no one except for fat executives. The other two candidates can't even imagine a tax sleight of hand like this. Go Hillary 2008!

TS said...

Good point, Hill has cornered the market on deviously pernicious schemes, and in this case it's a two-fer: Increase fuel consumption and pay for it with a little Communism!

But the oil companies can rest easy since there's no way the Dems will nominate her, because otherwise they'll kill their key constituency - blacks. No black vote = no Democratic victory.

William Luse said...

No black vote = no Democratic victory.

The latest version of "black gold"?

TS said...

Indeed, to borrow from the Clampets: "black gold, Texas T".