Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fence to Thwart Undocumented Neighbors

FRESNO, CA--Terry Halberton has put a wall up along his property line designed to prevent undocumented neighbors from crossing into his yard.

"It's cheaper than the National Guard," Halberton said. "I got tired of all the backyard illegal crossings. If you can't secure your yard's border, then do you really have a yard?"

The previous open border policy of his yard had resulted in millions of unplanned visits involving excruciatingly tedious conversations and awkward goodbyes. The wall is intended not to deny neighbor visits, but to control them in an orderly fashion.

"Neighbor visits will now be processed in the order received and come through documented channels, that is by the front or side door rather than sneaking in the back door," he said.


William Luse said...

You know, "Good fences make..."

But she has a point. On a daily basis, neighbors are much more of an immediate annoyance than illegal aliens. I've been fortunate though. I haven't had to build any fences because my neighbors did it first. They're probably trying to tell me something.

TS said...

I wanted to put up a fence from the get-go, some ten years ago when we bought the house, but the neighbors came over and were so vehemently against it we figured we'd be nice and put up trees instead. But now we're going to fence the untree'd part because no good deed goes unpunished and no inch is not taken for a mile.

Your neighbors saved you a lot o' money!