Thursday, August 14, 2008

Taxpayers Elated by Failed Levy

COLUMBUS, OH--Taxpayers breathed a sigh of relief yesterday after a school tax levy -the third in eight years and one widely perceived as primarily due to fiscal incompetence of the school board - failed by a 52-48 margin.
While school administrators and the Columbus Board of Education had grumpy frowns on their faces after the results came in, many taxpayers were relieved that their tax burden wouldn't go up during a time when many are in financial trouble.

"I'm very pleased that the middle class won't be further squeezed," said a member of a group who supports a moratorium on all taxes, "and I hope you don't print gloomy-gussed levy campaign workers tomorrow!"

As a rule, this newspaper does only show pictures of tearful levy supporters, but in order to be fair to taxpayers we've decided to show the other side of the story. Just this once. So don't get used to it.

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