Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ugly Alabama State Employees to Pay More

Following on the heels of legislation that requires overweight State Employees to pay an additional $25 monthly premium for health insurance, the Alabama state legislature is looking at adopting a similar measure for those state employees who are unattractive.

Jeff Bloviat (R-AL) proposed legislation which would require state employees to meet minimum standards of 'un-ugliness' or pay an additional $125 monthly premium for health insurance. State employees will be evaluated 4 times by posting a picture bio on FaceBook, and then analyzing the comments left by random visitors.

The theory is that unattractive people are more often single, and that leads to higher healthcare costs. The state thinks this is a great way to motivate people who are ugly to do something about it. "More makeup, better clothes, even plastic surgery are all great ways for the unattractive to better themselves," says Bloviat.

When asked whether this policy includes members of Alabama's legislative body, Bloviat stated "Yes." However, P-i-T has discovered that Alabama legislators have acted in their own best interest and added a clause to this piece of legislation which outlaws any addition to healthcare premium premiums that might be required based on lack of intelligence. -CE

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