Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ohio Man Likes Idea of Seasons Best in June

CLEVELAND, OH-- Brad Silverman says he would never move to a warmer clime like Florida or Arizona because he likes the change of seasons too much.

"I love the change of seasons," he said, when interviewed in late June. "Each of the four is unique and possesses transcendent joys. There is a beauty and depth to living where nature changes so dramatically. I feel sorry for Floridians."

But when interviewed at other times of the year it seemed his love for the seasons grew, in his words, "increasingly theoretical".

"Do you think I like freezing my ass off?" he said one day in late February during a follow-up interview. "Do I look like a moron?"

Silverman vowed to vacation in Fort Lauderdale next winter but claimed that that in no way lessened his love for the seasons.

His wife says that her husband "likes the idea of liking all four seasons more than actually liking all four seasons".

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