Wednesday, April 15, 2009

N. Korea Weeps after UN Ambassador's Threat

Pyongyang, North Korea-- After hearing the comments from Obama appointee Susan Rice suggesting that North Korea must change in order to "join the community of nations," weeps and sighs spread over the land north of the DMZ.

"Oh we so wanted to join the community of nations!" cried one elderly man, who said that his one wish for his children is that they experience a North Korea in which the people in California think well of them. "I wake up every morning saddened to learn the ill opinion that the diplomats in Brussels have of us."

Another Obama administration staffer said last Friday that unless North Korea abolishes its nuclear program that the world will think of Kim Il-sung the way they think of George Bush.

"No, no, no! Not George Bush!" said one woman when told of the comparison. "We have to abolish our nuclear program...the next thing you know they'll be calling Dear Leader a neocon!"

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