Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Seattle Police: "Be a Good Witness"

Seattle police Sgt. Sean Whitcomb urges everyone to not get involved if they witness or are victims of a crime. "There's just so many bad people out there and there's so many variables. It really doesn't matter if you're a bank teller or a citizen walking down the street. Generally speaking, it's best to be a good witness," Whitcomb told FOXNews.com.

Sergeant Whitcomb made these remarks when asked to comment on Key bank teller Jim Nicholson's apprehension of would-be bank robber Aaron J. Sloan on Tuesday, July 28th in Seattle. Well, Sergeant, it might be your attitude to criminals is a part of the reason there are 'just so many bad people out there'.

Trouble with Whitcomb's suggestion is, Seattle police, the courts and the Washington State Justice System already knew Aaron J. Sloan pretty well judging by the criminal record compiled by the 29 year old Sloan and the fact that he was under the 'supervision' of the State Department of Corrections Tuesday when he tried to rob the Key Bank Nicholson worked at. (Wonder if they were supervising his robbing of that bank?)

So, to Seattle I say: "To be a witness and let the on-duty police do their job so the prosecutor can do their job so the court can do their job so the State Department of Corrections can do their job -- that seems to let the criminals continue to do their job. Is that how its supposed to work?" Maybe Seattle needs a new attitude.

To me, the attitude in Seattle appears to be enabling criminals rather than locking them up or rehabilitating them. If you do travel to Seattle, remember to watch out for criminal behavior so you can be a good witness -- but also remember you might be a victim of a criminal under State 'supervision'.   -CE

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