Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Passengers Punished Until Morale Improves

WASHINGTON D.C.-- John B. Mindownbusiness was charged yesterday with reading a magazine during the last hour of a flight from Pittsburgh to Newark.

The latest air travel regulations forbid bathroom breaks or having anything on one's lap during the last hour of a flight, resulting in a new acronym for TSA: "Totally Stupid and Asinine".

Observers say that bureaucracies such as the TSA are not known for exercising common sense but that this marks a new low.

"If a terrorist was eating a banana on board, will they ban bananas in case the peel might be used to trip someone?" asked one peeved passenger.


indigocomputer said...

Dangerous Explosives in your underpants? OK sir, your seat is right here. Magazine on your lap? Oh no, that's not allowed -- better get the onboard Marshalls ...

TS said...

Ha, perfect.

I think this is the first time in years I've agreed with Maureen Dowd when she says, "if we can't catch this joker, who can we?" Also heard someone say that airport security overreach only encourages the "inner Fascist" in the TSA folks.