Thursday, February 11, 2010

iPhonitis Strikes Again

KANSAS CITY, MO-- A local man who changed his name from Robert Montgomery to iBob Montgomery was treated and released from Missouri General Hospital today for "iPhonitis", a condition found among the most hardcore of the iPhone-addicted.

Montgomery, who received his iPhone last August and compulsively checks his phone every few seconds, was found on the ground semi-conscious muttering "there's an app for that." Paramedics tried to pry the iPhone from his right hand without success.

While in the hospital he asked that friends update his Facebook & Twitter accounts.

In recent days "iBob" had told a family member that his thumb had ballooned to three times its normal size.

"Never a good sign," said his brother iBill.


William Luse said...

iBob and "there's an app for that." Great stuff.

Your friend,

TS said...

iThanks iBill!

William Luse said...

It's an i for an i.

TS said...