Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Selective Crusade Against the Death Penalty

[Inspired by this.]
"Ban the Death Penalty!" the billboards proclaim. Posted in dozens of locations in Atlanta's neighborhoods, they direct readers to a website condemning capital punishment.

But if they really wanted to save those on death row from death, the first problem they would focus on is electric chairs and lethal drugs. These are the instruments killing prisoners. Yet the sponsors of Ban the Death Penalty ads don't support control of the manufacture of electric chairs and lethal drugs. They oppose them and many even use illicit drugs themselves. In fact, finding drug lovers in the anti-death penalty movement is like finding pot at a hemp festival.

Two months ago, the Violence Policy Center issued an analysis of all death penalty cased based on the latest U.S. Justice Center data. In 100 percent of applied death penalties in which the fatal weapon can be identified, it's either an electric chair or a lethal drug cocktail.

If those who profess to care about capital punishment really did they would volunteer to take the place of the victim on "Ol' Sparky" and support the banning of lethal drugs and electric chairs.

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