Monday, April 26, 2010

La Raza, Black Caucus Lack Diversity

WASHINGTON D.C. -- On the heels of news that relatively few African-Americans attend tea party rallies comes even more shocking news - La Raza, a pro-open border organization, also lacks diversity in its membership.

"La Raza is overwhelmingly Hispanic," said a member of a local chapter. "There are scandalously few African-Americans or Asians or whites in the group. Thank God for misplaced white guilt or there'd be only Latinos."

Even more telling is how few whites are in the Congressional Black Caucus.

"Conferees are overwhelmingly black in skin tone, if that matters," said C-Span viewer Couch P. Tato.

Another media observer laughed when asked about the coverage.

"When La Raza has a rally of a hundred people it's never about racial make-up. When there's a few thousand at a tea party rally, for some reason it suddenly becomes germane. It's really quite funny."

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