Friday, July 2, 2010

Future SCOTUS Nominee Can't Comment

BAKERSFIELD, CA- Regina Philcoe, 7, refuses to comment on anything due to a potential conflict-of-interest if she fulfills her dream and becomes a Supreme Court justice.

"When teachers ask questions in class, Ms. Philcoe refuses to answer because someone could be covertly recording it and putting it on YouTube," said a family attorney for Philcoe. "Her goal is to become a Supreme Court justice and while watching the hearings she found that the best strategy to attain that goal is to comment on nothing."

Relatives of Philcoe say she's pretty much a "blank slate."

"I once asked her which team she rooted for and she declined to answer lest she offend future Senate judiciary members," said her uncle Jerry Philcoe. "You can tell she's learned a lot from recent Supreme Court nomination hearings."


William Luse said...

Not only can she not answer questions in class, she can't write out her assignments for fear of leaving a paper trail. It's terrible what we do to our children all in the name of success.

TS said...

Good point.