Monday, November 1, 2010

Liberal Media Continues "Elect a Democrat" Drive

The mainstream press continued its drive to get Democrats elected in the upcoming midterms by fixating on weak Republican candidates like Christine O'Donnell and ignoring weak Democrat candidates like Chris Coons.

The networks and print press have also declared a moratorium on discussing jobs or the economy, but instead have developed a sudden interest in finance campaign law, tracing the Republican domination of the polls to the party having too much in campaign funds.

A rally was held in Washington D.C. asking for a "return to civility", ironic considering Democrat hatred of George W. Bush, but something that can be relied on like clockwork whenever Democrats are losing.


William Luse said...

I think it was a "return to sanity" rally. Which is pretty ironic since it was crazy people issuing the call.

TS said...

True Bill, you can't make it up!

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