Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Voters Come Home & Find the House Wrecked

WASHINGTON D.C.--Voters went on vacation in late 2008 and put one of their youngest sons in charge of home and hearth: Barack H. Obama.

Young Obama found the keys to the car and the liquor cabinet ajar and went on a wild 18-month D.C.-style spring break before voters came back home and voted in a new Congress to babysit him.

"I had no idea he would go that crazy," said an aunt, "he looks so calm and self-possessed. Never thought he had a wild hair like that."

Mr. Obama left the house in shambles, full of smashed beer cans, wild spending parties. He maxed out credit cards and took out loans his parents can't afford to pay back.
"I admit I probably got a bit carried away," said Obama upon looking at the wreckage he'd wrought. "But I'm betting history will look back at the wild spending debauch as necessary for saving the economy."

"Democrats Gone Wild": Celebrating passage of historically damaging legislation

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