Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Questions Raised about Obama's Birth

NEW YORK, NY--After insisting yesterday that President Obama show his birth certificate, Donald Trump said today that he questions whether the president was ever born at all.

"How do we know he was really born? Not just in this country, but on this planet? How do we know he wasn't born on Neptune or Mars?"

Conspiracy theorists known colloquially as "birthers" were thrilled.

"I'm glad The Donald is out there telling the truth," said Jeremy Shouldnotvote. "My theory is that Obama could be a hologram. Can you prove he isn't?"   -TS


William Luse said...

To renew my driver's license the other day, I had to show my social security card, two proofs of residency, and my birth certificate (in addition to those, my wife had to show her marriage license). Like Obama, I couldn't find my birth certificate, so I had to send off to Lassen County, Cal. to get a certified copy. Not a photo copy of the short form, but a certified copy with that official stamp on it. All told, the b.c. and license renewal cost me about a hundred bucks, just to prove I'm a citizen, which they already knew anyway. And unlike Obama, I have an all-American pedigree, descending from a father and grandfather who fought in a bunch of our nation's wars. All this just to be allowed to drive a car. But to be president of the entire country, I wouldn't have to show any of that. It's the arrogance that annoys, and the free pass issued by the legal authorities. Since Obie's on a spending binge, I'll stop complaining if he'll just reimburse me for the hundred bucks.

TS said...

Can't really disagree with any of that Bill.

William Luse said...

For the record I do accept that Obama was born. Even the real Messiah bothered to get born.

I've got an interesting hypothetical for you: suppose it were proven that Obie was not a natural born citizen. What would happen next?

TS said...

I assume there would be a lawsuit (isn't there always?) and the SCOTUS would decide? If the high court would even accept it.

But hypothetical indeed since the birth announcements are pretty hard to get around.

William Luse said...

The reason I asked is that I was listening to that talk show host Mark Levin last night, who wants people to shutup about the issue, and he was telling some caller that even if it were discovered that a non-citizen had become president, we'd have to go through a long process to get rid of him - impeachment in the house, trial in the senate. It's not as though he'd have to step down immediately. Although I suppose public and political pressures might induce him to do so.