Friday, May 13, 2011

"Obama Math" Now Taught in Schools

LANCASTER,PA--They're calling it "Obama Math" in the high school economic courses: that strategy of defining "budget cuts" as that which you might've spent in the future but now plan to save.

"It's really a cool budgeting tool," said Darby high school student Lawrence Jones. "You just say, 'I'm cutting the budget by a trillion dollars by saying you were planning on spending three trillion even if you were originally planning on spending two. It's cutting imaginary money, which makes it much less painful."

A 7th grader at a local middle school especially appreciated the "logic".

"My mom says I spend too much time on the phone and so I promised to cut back by saying that the rate of increase has slowed. I said if President Obama can get away with it, then why can't I? My mom said I don't have Obama's press corps." -TS


William Luse said...

If imaginary money were real, I'd have lots of it. Just like the government.

TS said...

Credit is the closest thing to imaginary money which is probably why the US is so much in debt, both privately and publicly.

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