Monday, April 16, 2007

Michael Moore Money Again Setting the Standard

Michael 'Moore Money' is opening eyes with his latest film masterpiece 'Sicko', and a publicity stunt for the movie involving Trade Center Ground Zero Responders who are still feeling ill effects from 9/11.

MMM has taken a few of the Ground Zero Responders to Cuba for Medical Treatments, alleging that Cuba's socialized medicine will provide superior treatment than what they would receive in the United States.

This is ground breaking thinking that has others following in his footsteps:

  • The ACLU is inviting volunteers who's civil rights have been
    impugned to make the trip to Iran.
  • The ADA is asking for citizen volunteers with dental needs to make a trip to Great Britain.
  • MADD is looking for people to travel to Russia to learn how to combat Adult Alcoholism.
  • Greenpeace is recruiting members who would like to visit China to learn about pollution prevention.
  • Doctors Without Borders is sending their new volunteers to the United Nations to learn about how to prevent the spread of AIDS.
  • Silicon Valley is recruiting people to travel to North Korea to learn Advanced Technological Development.

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