Monday, July 9, 2007

Libs Don't Like Liberated Libby

[Based on this.]

Late last night liberals, with lips loquacious and lacerating, lashed out against Libby's liberation.

Many fickle folks fulminated against the former federal worker, finding his commutation infuriating, despite having formerly feigned indifference to Clinton felonies.

Humored hordes hee-haw'd the huffy whores. "Hypocrites!" they hooted hushedly, hoping the histrionic hissy-fits of heated hostility would hurriedly heel.


William Luse said...

That's a lot of alliteration, allowing also for assonance.

You realize, of course, you're not completely sane.

TS said...
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William Luse said...

Good point. Perspective helps.