Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Singer Loves Music (oh, and humanity too)

[Based on this.]

NEW YORK, NY--Rock star Bruce Fallsteen complained, among other things, about humans protecting themselves and imaginary voter suppression.

"Like my hero Woody Guthrie, I wax poetic about the gap between human ideal and human performance. I have no shortage of material and it pays well. If ideals ever equalled performance I'd lack inspiration, though fortunately I can make things up like that stuff about Republican voter suppression. But I do love humanity despite never having said a good thing about anybody other than I appreciate people allowing me to say bad things about them. Humanity is what made me what I am today."

Fallsteen knows of what he sings, having grown up in the police state of New Jersey during the late '50s/early '60s. It was there his father disapproved of his long hair and loud guitar and sometimes sent him to his room.

Sixty Minutes correspondent Soft T. Baller asked: "Theoretically, what if the gap between the ideal and performance narrowed such that the darkness, the shadowlands of humanity as it were, was primarily the fact that only ten varieties of Kelloggs cereal were available in some foreign countries due to Bush Administration policies?"

Bruce answered, "Then I'd write a song about that! It'd go something like this [strums guitar while making a low, moaning sound]:
Marshall Bush took the stand
declared the oath but broke the band
when denied he Raisin Bran
to the stores of Ireland...

REF: Yeah there's a darkness in the supermarket...
There's a darkness in the supermarket...


William Luse said...

I like your post better than the real interview. Actually, I didn't see the real interview, so your post is more real to me than the real thing.

It's also funny.

TS said...

Thanks Bill you have the good taste not to have read the original and to have read this instead. (I should mention that the obligatory disclaimer applies for the torture nuts: I am against torture and do not excuse it, so Bruce is right about that item.)