Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Intervention Planned for "Summer Addict"

Westchester, IL--A dozen friends and family members planned an intervention for Carl T. Jones of Westchester earlier this week.

It wasn't for drugs. Or alcohol. But ... summer.

"We want to step in and do what we can to stop the madness. We have treatment plans available to wean him away from his addiction to sun and warm weather. Hopefully he'll go to Summerholics Anonymous and admit that he's Carl and that he's a summerholic."

Unfortunately the planned intervention didn't take place due to good weather.

"We all got there, huddled in his living room, when his wife got a call saying he was going to a baseball game since the weather was so good. We'll try to get it done next week. Or maybe just wait for a rainy day."

Taxpayer-funded studies show that two in three Americans are summer addicts and that the annual cost to the economy is $1.2 trillion.


dylan said...

84 degrees in metro-Boston.

I hate it.

Bring on the frost!

TS said...

You definitely don't have a summer addiction. As much as you hate heat, I hate the cool!