Friday, September 14, 2007

Safety Town Cited for Safety Violations

Essex, NJ -- Local police chief Alex Vitner cited Safety Town for numerous violations that could lead to injury.

"We were surprised to find gross negligence at Safety Town.

There is, in fact, no safety in Safety Town."

The miniature buildings are made of wood, a flammable material. The small streets consisted of asphalt, a hard material that causes injury upon impact after falling from a height. The blinking yellow light could cause epileptic seizures in the vulnerable. Additionally, several patches of grass had been treated with lawn chemicals the day before the inspectors visited and several children were observed walking in the chemically-treated grass.

Feng Yen, daughter of Vietnamese immigrants, was arrested and released on her own recognizance. Accused of attempted childslaughter, she risks a minimum of ten years in jail if found guilty.

She has also been charged with the misdemeanor of attempted transfat poisoning of a minor, for having allegedly offered a child a hotdog.

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