Friday, December 7, 2007

Man Sues Therapist Over non-Green Dreams

GREENWICH, CT-- Al Goreman sued his therapist yesterday for unentertaining dreams that would make an industrialist blush.

"I work hard all day and rarely have time for entertainment. I depend on my sleep for that. I wake up after seven hours and find my dreams are of substandard entertainment quality. If they were a TV series, they'd be cancelled immediately. My therapist has been no help and so I'm suing her for malpractice."

Concerning his dreams, Mr. Goreman cites implausibility, unlikable characters and most of all a large carbon footprint as reasons for their lameness.

"In my dreams there is usually NO recycling going on whatsoever. I'll be throwing away a perfectly good aluminum can in the trash instead of the recycling bin. And my daughter drives a gas guzzler instead of the hybrid we got her. My dreams are green nightmares!"

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