Thursday, December 13, 2007

Least Popular Bowl Games


Although the proliferation of college football bowl games has primarily been caused by a thirst for revenue, there are some that actually lose money, such as the famous American Standard Toilet Bowl. Here are a few other very unpopular bowl games:

The Hairy Bowl

The Rapture Bowl - (less than eleven players on a side permitted in case of Rapture)

The Bowl Haircut Bowl - (free scissors and bowl to first three hundred visitors)

The 99 Cents Wendy's Side Salad Bowl - (with halftime show starring the Croutonette's)

The Leftover Soup Bowl

The 9-11 Truthers Nutcase Bowl - (free pack of nuts to all ticketholders)

The Cafeteria Catholic Bowl (where the fans make up the rules as the game goes along)

The Wardrobe Malfunction Bowl

The Kosher Pigskin-Free Bowl (now hotdog-free!)

The I-Bitch-Slapped-My-Ho Bo' (gangbangers admitted free)

The Obscure Literary Reference Bowl

The Bilbo Baggins Alliteration Bowl

The Dyslexic Blow

The Old Order Amish Bowl (manual scoreboard, day game, no beer but broasted chicken served family style)


William Luse said...

What I want to know is how much of this you cook up at work - when you should be working.

William Luse said...

Oh, and the list is clever. Did it take a long time to come up with it (when you should be working), or did it come fairly easy?

TS said...

No company time was burned in the making of this post. I thought of the idea on the drive home from work and came up with about a third of them then. But then I wasted a precious hour or so of "home time" thinking up the rest and doing the graphics.

William Luse said...

Your dedication to your avocation is admirable. A third of them on the way home. Precocious. Wait, you're too old to be precocious. It's something, anyway. Would've taken me a week to come up with a list like that.

ts said...

Well, for something silly like that I probably shouldn't have spent as much time as I did on it. But I do love coming up with those things. I couldn't come up with some of your densely argued writings, such as those you did on behalf of Terri Schiavo or some other moral issue, in a month of Sundays!