Thursday, February 21, 2008

Orwell Spins in Grave Over Halperin Analysis

SUTTON COURTENAY CEMETERY, ENGLAND-- George Orwell rotated several times in his grave after hearing TIME's Mark Halperin explain that Michelle Obama was really proud to be an American despite the candidate's wife having twice delivered lines in speeches saying that for the first time in her adult lifetime she was really proud of her country.

"War is peace!" Halperin added to drive home his point on a FOX interview show. "Slavery is freedom!"

Halperin admitted that her words, if taken by strict dictionary definition, might confuse some but her meaning was clear for those for whom words are interchangeable.


William Luse said...

Finally I can throw out the dictionary. The one I have is heavy anyway, and I don't always agree with the definitions. Dictionaries are so yesterday.

ts said...

Yep the dictatorship of relativism has reached even words!