Thursday, February 14, 2008

Matthews, Shuster, Blitzer to Endorse Obama

WASHINGTON, D.C.-MSNBC's Chris Matthews and David Shuster are making it official: they announced plans to formally support Barack Obama for president, promising to publically campaign for the candidate.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer added his backing also, saying that "95% of the mainstream media journalists favor Obama and I prefer honesty and transparency over subtrefuge and denials."

Matthews said he would "barnstorm Pennsylvania" next month in hopes of turning out voters for the Illinois senator. Beltway denizens had been startled in recent months by the Hardball host's unabashed emotional reaction to Obama, calling it a "man crush".

"I got a chill up my leg the first time I heard him speak," said Matthews Friday. "It's like the first time you fall in love, only better because there's no risk of an STD or unwanted pregnancy."

News anchor David Shuster was in a more difficult position because although Matthews occasionally moderates candidate debates, he is not an anchor like Shuster.

"I believe Barack Obama is a cross between Jesus Christ and Islam's 'Twelfth Imam' and that if elected will bring about either permanent world peace or the end of the world. As an objective news anchor, I was hesitant to say this."

But Shuster said Matthews and NBC's David Gregory urged him to "come out".

"Look, everybody knew I was slanting the news. I'm like the guy on COPS caught soliciting a hooker. I can say she was in my car because she needed a ride but how many people buy that? I feel liberated in coming out on this."

Meanwhile MSNBC's Tucker Carlson announced his support for Ron Paul by he and sidekick Willie Geist singing a song for Paul*:
I saw him at the rally, he made time stand still.
To Do: Ron! Ron! Ron! To Do: Ron! Ron!
He made time run backwards through sheer force of will.
To Do: Ron! Ron! Ron! To Do: Ron! Ron!
Yes, his themes are old:
Currency backed with gold;
The Louisiana Purchase has to be resold.
To Do: Ron! Ron! Ron! To Do: Ron! Ron!
* - Lyrics composed by TB of Wisconsin.


indigocomputer said...

Wasn't it Matthews who said he agreed with O'Bama and was willing to have the entire Western Population lay down and die at the hands of Muslim Extremists in order to bring peace to The World? What a soldier for peace. YEAH MATTHEWS - PEACE AT ANY COST!

TS said...

I did not hear that; I'm not sure where Matthews gets his love for Obama although I'm sure part of it is his loathing of the Clintons. He was bigtime anti-Bill during the impeachment era.

indigocomputer said...

Is there any real person who doesn't loathe the Clintons? I think Matthews likes the idea of dying at the hands of Muslim Extremists -- only he wants us join him on his final quest for peace.

William Luse said...

I'd been wondering about that "up my leg" phrase, but tried not to in too much detail. But your explanation confirms my suspicion: he's queer for O'Bama. I mean Obama.

Sidenote: Shuster used to be a newsgrunt here in Orlando. Then I saw him show up on Msnbc one day and thought, "What the hell?" In short, people see talent where I just can't fathom any. That Chris Jansing (sp?) gal used to work here too. We're a breeding ground for something.

ts said...

Columbus' claim to fame is giving CNN the beautiful and talented Carol Costello. We corresponded by snail mail back in the early '90s - she was a huge Reds fan like moi. I sent her a poem about the Reds and she sent me an autographed picture and friendly letter. Turns out she's Catholic and married for first time at around 41 yrs old about 4 yrs ago. (Probably more info than you wanted or needed but...)

William Luse said...

You can't give me too much info on good looking women.