Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ND Mau Mau'd by the World Again

The president of the University of Notre Dame announced today that performances of The Vagina Monologues will continue on campus because hosting the play "best serves the distinctive mission of Notre Dame," i.e. the distinction of a Catholic university being able to boast of hosting plays that mock church teachings on sexuality.

The controversial play, which is replete with graphic descriptions of masturbation and lesbianism, apparently offers too much to students to be cancelled.

"It's important that our kids hear of the healing benefits of a 16-year old involved in lesbian sex," said one official, who declined to be identified. He also argued that when faced with a symbolic gesture, it's best to error on the side of elite opinion rather than Christian faith.

Inspired by the generous example of Notre Dame, secular Harvard University plans to host a symposium celebrating John Paul II's Theology of the Body:

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