Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dems to Break Rules Concerning Rulebreakers?

WASHINGTON D.C.-- The Democrat party has a problem: what happens when you discipline your children only to find out its inconvenient for you? The answer appears to be you find a way to let them off the hook.

So goes it for the party of Andrew Jackson, for whom the Michigan and Florida primaries didn't count before it was determined they would count - that is, before it was discovered that it mattered.

Like Bill Clinton taking mulligans at the golf links, party officials see a "do-over" as a possibility. One Democratic activist put it bluntly: "We're the party devoted to self-indulgence, sex without consequences, and voting rights for illegals. I hardly think moving a primary up is worth punishing the folks for."


William Luse said...

Florida just can't stay out of trouble.

TS said...

Yep you guys have a high profile these days.