Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Researcher Thrilled to See Self in Research

A hundred years after Albert Schweitzer debunked research into the historical Jesus when he showed that the Jesus constructed by each scholar was simply a reflection of that scholar’s own religious and political ideology, Israeli researcher and skeptic Benny Shanon continued the pre-Schweitzer tradition by declaring that he's studied Moses and Moses turned out to be pretty much what he expected him to be.

"I don't believe the events on Mt. Sinai were supernatural because I haven't had any supernatural experiences. But I have had visions after using drugs, so obviously that's where the Ten Commandments came from."

Shanon was pleased with the results of his study.

"I'm certainly gratified that the results of my research so conformed to my expectations going in."

Shanon said his only surprise is that more slang wasn't used in the Commandments, such as the word "groovy", since that's a word Shanon uses a lot when he's high.


William Luse said...

There's a difference between getting high and getting something from "on high", but I suppose the distinction would be lost on this fellow.

-rb said...

Funny stuff. Wouldn't a human being be somewhere beyond "high" in the presence of the Almighty? Heroin would be like aspirin in comparison.

ts said...

Nice play on words Bill, and yep Robert one would think!