Monday, July 14, 2008

New Bible Translation Especially for Americans

A new revised American bible translation is in the works, intended for a specifically American audience.

The publishers released a sample concerning the passage "Blesed are the poor...".

In this new translation the verse goes: "Blessed are the struggling middle class of the wealthiest nation in history. Blessed are ye who have been squeezed and who can't afford a 2500-sq foot home."

Others, via Ham o' Bone:

"Blessed are the house flippers, for they will be bailed out.."

"Blessed are the sick who haven't saved a penny towards their inevitable health decline for they shall use their "Boom"ing strength to give themselves Universal Health Care."


William Luse said...

That's nice but you need to keep going. It's like you petered out or something. E.g., "Blessed are the self-sacrificing, ye who send over 700 billion dollars a year to oil rich foreign countries who hate your guts, for you shall cut off your nose to spite your face while committing economic hara-kiri...", etc.

TS said...

Yeah I was kind of ambivalent about the post, since some are hurting through no fault of their own.