Thursday, July 24, 2008

Social Networking Site Tracks Social Networks

PORTLAND,OR--A new social networking site called "SNSG" (Social Networking Site Guide) is the social networking site for social networkers who like to social network.

"I'm on Facebook, MySpot, Blogspot, MyFace, MySpace, LiveJournal, Buzznet, Flicker, Twitter, Flitter and Badoo," said one afficiando of a new social network who declined to be identified other than through the avatar 'SandWedge'."

SNSG hopes that it can draw users who like to interact with users of online networks but fears competition from other social networking sites of social network sites.

System administrator Jerry Kudlow says the he doesn't think that "the viritual world can support a social networking site for social networking sites that cater to social networks."


William Luse said...

Someone needs to start an anti-social networking site. This someone would be the only person on it, because he's anti-social and no one wants to associate with him. Social types who tried to join would have their IP's banned. All the other anti-socials would also have their own sites and never interact with each other on pain of self-contradiction. These sites would more truly resemble a modern American neighborhood in which people sometimes socialize without actually knowing or caring about each other. They would be an affront to the reigning hypocrisy.

TS said...

Very amusing Bill. That deserves it's own parody post.

TS said...

I meant "its own parody post".

William Luse said...

I see I'm a good influence.