Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Great Doll Caper

State Sen. Bill Perkins was accused by the New York Police Department of racism when he derided a pair of white police officers who were victims of a prank by local youngsters.

Someone placed the head of a black doll on an antennae at the rear of the officers unmarked squad car as a joke. The officers drove through the mostly black community of Harlem without noticing the doll head until someone pointed it out, after which it was promptly removed.

Perkins publicly called the incident "another display of racism" by police. "You don't see white officers removing white doll heads from the antennas of squad cars. Its the black doll head that gets removed and thrown in the trunk."

Why oh why can't there be equality in the streets? Black doll heads have as much right to ride on the antennae of an unmarked police car as white doll heads do. -CE

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