Sunday, July 20, 2008

Local Man is Authentically Suburban

NEWPORT, KY--Steve Enroy prides himself on his authentically suburban clothing and grooming style. He wears cheap jeans bought at Walmart five years ago and short-sleeve shirts purchased at a garage sale.

Sociologist Jonathon Inksy agrees:

"This may surprise some, but historians two-hundred years from now will be fascinated by the level of authenticity in Mr. Envoy's suburban clothings and typical hairstyle. It's precisely because his clothes lack style and panache that make them so representative. For historians, the 'everyman' is as interesting as great men because both have a powerful shaping influence on society. To see what the average early 21st-century American wore, one need look no farther than Steve Enroy!"

Mr. Enroy said that the funny thing is that he accomplished this without any conscious effort, but Mr. Inksy says that's what makes for authenticity.

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