Friday, July 18, 2008

Prospective Saint Lied?

VATICAN-- Proponents for the canonization of Servant of God Miguel Rodriguez are concerned that only one thing might keep the heroic teacher from becoming a saint: his penchant for lying about his spiritual state.

"He always called himself 'the chief of sinners' despite abundant evidence to the contrary. It's obvious there was no way he could be the worst of sinners and yet sadly he persisted asserting this to the very end of his life," said Msgr. Brown of the Cause for Saints.

"Some say, of course, that this was merely a 'pious lie' and that all the saints engaged in it. For there to be culpability he would have to believe it to be a lie and there's no evidence that he didn't really believe he was the chief of sinners."


William Luse said...

TS, I'm out of touch on this one. Who's Miguel Rodriguez? Or did you make him up?

TS said...

Oh most of the parody names on this blog are made up, including this one. No prospective saints were dissed in the making of this post.