Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Frank Wins "Most Shameless Politician" Award

WASHINGTON D.C.-- After a heated competition involving hundreds of candidates, lawmakers today crowned Rep. Barney Frank as the most shameless politician of the past decade.

The Massachusetts congressman who helped crash the global economy by resisting reforms to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was predictably unbowed.

"I'd like to thank my fellow members for recognizing that I am shameless, but I am shameless for the American people," he said shamelessly.

Many members of Congress nodded their heads, knowing they'd picked the right man.

"I voted for Frank because I've never seen him blush. He's incapable of blushing!" marveled a congressman from New York. "Even Bill Clinton's face occasionally reddened when he said something shameless."

Another lawmaker pointed to his taking the lead regarding the bailout crisis.

"If I'd have been him, I'd have been so embarrassed I likely wouldn't have left my house!"

Rep. Frank was also voted "Member Most Likely To Have Blackmail Material on Other Members" which could help explain his ascension in Congress despite having used his home as an escort service and Fannie and Freddie as vehicles to wreck the economy.


William Luse said...

Include Chuck Schumer and Maxine Waters and Gary Meeks, Franklin Raines, head of Freddie and Fannie at the time of the 2004 hearings, is now Obama's chief economic adviser. It ought to be a scandal of the first order, but the MSM won't go there, so thorough is the corruption. (Destroying Sarah Palin is a greater priority.) Now Frank stands before the cameras as our aspiring savior. The bank robbers have been hired to guard the vault.

indigocomputer said...

You forgot to mention he's a supporter of legalizing marijuana use and online gambling. What a loser!

TS said...

Amen brother. In a way, this sort of stuff defies parody, or at least the MSM does. I recall parodying MSNBC's endorsement of Obama, and now it couldn't really be done since it wouldn't even raise eyebrows. It's reality.

TS said...

Chris, Frank also takes it upon himself to "out" closet homosexuals in government (according to the wikipedia entry).

He believes, in other words, that women should have the privacy to kill their unborn children but not for gays to have the privacy of their sexual preference. You can't make it up!