Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bernhard Pro-Choice When it Comes to Violence

Sandra Bernhard, the used-to-be-kinda-funny comedian whose mind and career are both in the toilet, is taking a stand against those who take a stand against rape and murder. "There's just not enough violent crime in this country," Bernhard says, "I'd personally like to see more people raped and murdered -- it would make life more interesting."

She suggested that Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin be gang raped by 'big black brothers' in New York on her recent visit to meet foreign dignitaries. Bernhard then went on to explain that Palin's views against abortion infringe on her own right to murder unborn children, and called the stand 'outrageous.'

Outrageous doesn't even begin to describe Bernhard.

Bernhard appears around the country in doing her stand up comedy act. She makes an appearance this weekend at Bernie's Comedy Club and Lawnmower Repair on Highway 9 just outside of Goodwater GA. Tickets are $0.50 at the door, or just bring any canned food item and get in free.   -CE

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