Thursday, October 2, 2008

Under Grilling, Obama Finds Loophole

Questioned by moderator Jim Lehrer in last week's presidential debate, Barack Obama found a loophole concerning how he would pay for his plan given the $700 billion price of the bailout package.

"By closing tax loopholes," Sen. Obama said, which upon investigation turned out to be meaningless rhetoric, lacking specificity or seriousness.

"He sure found himself a loophole out of that question, didn't he?" said one Obama supporter, clearly thrilled that the Senator did not promise cutting any programs. "Now is hardly the time for serious debate - we're in the middle of an election!"


indigocomputer said...

I wish he'd close his loophole. Seriously, four years of his doublespeak is going to be hard to take if he does somehow manage to get elected.

TS said...

Yep, we're in for a dry time. I still like him better than the insufferable Gore though.