Monday, November 10, 2008

A Modest Proposal - Editorial

While Bill Clinton was once called America's "first black president" - presumably for his saxophone-playing ability - we feel reasonably sure that title will be taken away and given to the biracial Barack Obama. Our only hope here at Parody is Therapy is that one fine day this nation will elect a full-blooded African-American transgender Hindu to the office of the presidency.

Since there is a natural tendency to vote based on race, religion, creed, gender, sexual preference, boxers/briefs rather than for the best person for the job, we propose the following:

Amend the Constitution so that for a period of six months we have a "President of the Week" so that every ethnic, religio-sexual group can take power and thus be able to feel proud of his or her* country. This will liberate Americans from the tyranny of having to vote for a candidate for superficial reasons.

* - or Michael Jackson's


indigocomputer said...
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indigocomputer said...

Amen brother! This is how the UN works, right?

TS said...

Indeed, except lousy UN governance is forever, while under this plan it would only be six months!