Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Goes to Sleeping Obama

OSLO/Washington -- A sleeping President Obama was awakened just before 6am by a presidential aide who informed him that he had just won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Unofficial sources say that the initial response was, "for what?" and the aide had no immediate answer. When later asked what his plans were, Mr. Obama declared that he was "going to Disneyworld!"

Nobel insiders say that the award was given in part for the very activity Mr. Obama was engaging in at the time the award was given: sleeping.

"Vee feel that President Obama is deserving of the Nobel Prize for Peace precisely for the fact that he's not doing anything. After eight years of an activist Bush Adminstration, our relief at the Obama Administration is commensurate."

Many applaud the consistency of the prize; after having become something of a cartoon after Ronald Reagan was stiffed, it has continued its tradition of non-seriousness and has added levity to an otherwise stuffy Nobel ceremony.

Previous winners include Albert "Don't Call Me Pujols" Gore and Hillary "Who Painted It?" Clinton.

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