Monday, November 2, 2009

O'ministration Slights Citizenry's Math Skills

The O'ministration trumpeted its handling of the faltering U.S. economy today by releasing estimates of jobs 'saved or created' by the economic 'Spendulous package' passed early in the year, and the round of tax cuts that were to help boost the economy out of a recession.

The White House claims that they spent $215B of the $787B Spendulous package and that 'saved or created' about 2/3 of the total 1M jobs they claim have been 'saved or created' in the last 8 months, along with another 1/3 of the 1M coming from effects of $288B in tax cuts directed at stimulating the economy.

Let's do that math, shall we? $215,000M + $288,000M = $503,000M dollars to save or create one million jobs. That works out to a cost to taxpayers of $503,000 for each job 'saved or created.' The O'ministration is simply ignoring the fact that the U.S. has actually lost about four million jobs while they've been spending $503,000M borrowed from the future to 'save or create' a million jobs.

And they are claiming success -- do they really think every voter is that mathematically challenged?!

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