Thursday, August 26, 2010

Islamophobia Rampant

NEW YORK, NY-- Islamophobia is running rampant in the mainstream media.

That's the conclusion of a university professor studying the media and the Islamic faith.

"Mayor Bloomberg and others are crying 'Islamophobia' but I think they may be the unwitting victims of it. After all, 'phobia' means 'fear of' and it's the political left who are so afraid of offending Muslim sensibilities. That to me speaks of an unhealthy fear, and of not treating them like 'real Americans'," said Dr. Roger Hammerstein.

"One of the characteristics of a healthy culture is that we fight among ourselves, non-violently and hopefully respectfully, over the locations of businesses, schools, trash dumps, nuclear power plants, apartment complexes, churches, etc.. Now the reasons differ for each battle, and the reasons may not always be pretty, but the true Islamophobics are those afraid of offending Muslims for fear of a violent backlash. That's their true motivation, I believe, since the Left never speaks up for religious rights apart from Muslim rights."


Fred said...

brilliant :)

TS said...

Thanks Fred!

indigocomputer said...

True! Witness the lack of concern about the Orthodox Christian Church destroyed in the 9/11 attack. With rebuilding stalled by the ever-changing demands of the Port Authority, the PA finally abandoned negotiations with Church Officials. If only Orthodox Christians were into terrorism like Muslims tend to be, they'd have more support for their cause, and with the Feds funding an around-the-world fund-raising junket, they'd have more terrorist's dollars to rebuild with.

William Luse said...

A sharp one, TS.

TS said...

Chris, another difference is that the Orthodox Church doesn't have all that Saudi oil money either to fund it! If that's where the mosque money is coming from, of course.

Thanks Bill!