Thursday, August 23, 2007

Guns Don't Kill People...Sketches Do

[Based on this.]

Arizona school officials today held a news conference to explain their reaction to a student's sketch. The 13 year old student sketched what officials said was the likeness of a gun on the back of his homework. Officials stated the sketch was a threat and threats were punishable under school guidelines. They suspended the student for 5 days, later reducing the suspension to 3 days.

Sketch prompting punishment:

To help students better understand what sketching is allowed and what is punishable, School Officials released a set of sketches that would not be allowed due to their threatening content:

Implies lynching or hanging -- PUNISHABLE

Pencils, Crayons and sharpened Quills can be used as weapons -- PUNISHABLE

 Thrown Object -- PUNISHABLE!

Threatening gesture with Spatula -- PUNISHABLE

At the news conference, the public sketched an explanation of the School Officials actions:



William Luse said...

Okay, this was good. But I still say you're nuts.

TS said...

I can't take credit (or blame) for that one, since my bro-in-law Chris wrote it..