Monday, September 29, 2008

Bailout Foe Longs for Hunter-Gatherer Society

Rossville, IA-- Roger Singleton is against a bailout of the banking system because a economic debacle would be the first step towards the abolition of cities and towns, which he calls "dens of inquity".

"I'd like to see a return to a hunter-gather society," the 68-year old farmer said. "The world has gone downhill since the invention of agriculture, or at least since the invention of the combine. It's made men lazy and caused them to congregate in towns, which leads to sin. We need to start all over again."

Singleton said that in his view the abolition of the modern government-run economy would create harmony in society.

"Humans would flourish again. There would be no sin because there'd be no impulse towards greed since there would be no television commercials. No one would covet what their neighbor has since their neighbor has nothing. Maybe his wife, but she would be too thin from poverty to be alluring. And there'd be peace all over the land because think about how many fewer of us there'd be! Plus no one would have the energy to fight due to lack of food. It'd be paradise!"

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