Friday, November 14, 2008


MSNBC News isn't known for its unbiased reporting these days, leaning so far left during the recent presidential campaign it's a wonder they didn't fall over. They even changed their slogan to 'The Power of Change' out of reverence for their favorite political party's recent President Elect.

Now, MSNBC issues an on-air retraction of a story because apparently their staff doesn't know how to 'Google.' An ironic shortcoming considering the 'MS' in MSNBC stands for the Microsoft part of the network partnership. It took the New York Times, a good old-fashioned print media newspaper, to report the fact that MSNBC sources cited in a negative attack news story aired about Alaska Gov. Palin was actually a fictitious person named Martin Eisenstadt, a 'senior fellow at the Harding Institute for Freedom and Democracy'. Both of which are figments of a filmmaker's imagination.

Here's a blog post dated June 27th, 2008 about the elaborate hoax, which should've clearly rung some bells at MSNBC -- it took me about 60 seconds to find it via Google. Here's another I found in 30 seconds via Microsoft Search posted July 8th.

The information about Eisenstadt and the hoax was there, at their fingertips. Their biased reporting blinded them to the news, which is what they allege to be reporting. In truth, there's more news on the bathroom wall than there is reported on MSNBC. Here's a more honest MSNBC slogan: "Every Anti-Republican Rumor Emailed Us Gets Air! (Retraction To Follow)".-CE

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